From the desk of Jim Hunt,

creator of Corporate Raider, Retirement Revolution, SV-60 System,
co-creator of Biblical Wealth Secrets and Fortune Files:

Why these rogue traders
pay YOU £117,321
to take 8 months off a year
…AND keep your mouth shut.

Me spying on these legal smash ‘n’ grabs for you could mean
you never work again...


Don’t worry if you’d be able to actually get 8 months off a year or not because I’m talking about making more cash in a single month than you currently make in a year, and VIDEO PROOF of this follows. There’s so much money in this pot, and you literally can only touch it a few months a year… and then take the rest of the year off doing whatever you want in first class style. But you need to keep quiet about it. Please let me explain…

I’ve been watching them for over a year now. They’re clever, very clever. Nothing in writing, only verbal, so there’s no proof even if they were caught…

But not clever enough.

I’ve traced their dirty money trail, checked and double-checked my evidence, and I now KNOW, plain as day, when they’re about to make another killing. They’d like me to shut up and go away, and that’s precisely what I intend to do (after I’ve secretly told a few of my most trusted students). Yep, I’ll happily go away to somewhere sunny instead of trade markets…

But these rogue traders are going to pay me to do so. And PAY BIG. In fact, they’re going to pay me so much money, I’ll never need to trade again. If you’d like your share, please read on…

Money while you sleep…

I’m trying to contain my excitement about this incredible discovery as I explain this to you. The money is made while you sleep, and you get paid the next day. This goes on for about a month, once every season. Four months a year of making a killing, eight months a year of spending the loot and doing nothing. What will you do with all that free time and money…?

You could retire overseas. You could continually travel, or live on a cruise ship. Or you could just put your feet up at home, and order every single thing you’ve ever wanted from online stores.

The point is that this is about living your life with absolutely nothing to do for 8 months of the year.

Can you imagine making more than your year’s earnings in January, then heading off to your luxury villa in the tropics to enjoy the rest of winter in the sun, then heading back in April to do it all over again, and you decide what happens next in May and June!

A wild fantasy? Not at all!

Perhaps you’re thinking: The catch must be a lot of work in that one month every season? Or maybe it’s highly unlikely that this will actually happen for me, and that it must be pure luck?

Think again.

I too thought this sounded too good to be true when I uncovered it, a bit like winning the lottery- very nice if you have good luck…

But this isn’t ‘lottery luck,’ this is the equivalent of KNOWING the winning lottery numbers the day before they were drawn…!

You don’t need luck when it’s legal theft…

Okay, here’s what’s going on. We’ve all dreamed about KNOWING the outcome of something, and making a killing from it. It could be the lottery, roulette, a horse race, or a stock trade, right?

But how does anyone actually KNOW the outcome? Lottery? No way. Roulette? Impossible. Horse racing? Even the cheating stables that finally let their horse off the reins only have a reasonable idea that they’ll win, but they can’t possibly KNOW.

And that leaves stock trading...

Who could possibly KNOW what would happen to the price of a stock tomorrow. The only people who 100% KNOW what would happen to a stock tomorrow would be the top executives of a company that was about to report some important news about the company…

And that privileged knowledge they have is a LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY. All they do is buy shares in that stock the day before the big news announcement, and then make a fortune the next day when the share price inevitably moves in the expected direction based on the knowledge they already had!

The news could be a scientific breakthrough or a surprise jump in profits, it doesn’t matter what the news is. All that matters is that news affects stock prices, and these people have privileged access to that news BEFORE it’s announced.

Now, before I continue, please don’t worry that this is anything complicated or hard work- it’s very simple, and it’s all done for you


My friend, you don’t need to be a genius or a trading veteran to realise that a stock will go UP if a company reports GOOD profits, and it will go down if a company reports BAD profits. The trick is KNOWING what the report will show- good or bad.

Simple, right?

Now, I’m NOT, repeat NOT, talking about watching insiders buying shares in their own company, and then blindly copying them, thinking how clever I am. Been there, done that, and it rarely works for several reasons I won’t go into here, but needless to say, it’s not a very scientific approach, and you might have to wait months and months to see if you were right, because the insiders in that company usually won’t buy shares the day before the big announcement or they might risk going to jail for insider trading.

But don’t you think those insiders might whisper their privileged information to a friend or two in The City…?

People can’t keep a secret…

Here’s the thing. The profits announcement these insiders are privy to are supposed to be kept a secret, by law. But let’s not be naïve about this…

As you well know, secrets burn holes in peoples’ pockets, they simply can’t keep them, and these City insiders are no different. They know it would be illegal to verbally tell anyone the news that’s about to be released about their company’s profits, but how would the authorities ever know that they told someone?

It could be a whisper on a golf course, or a coded scribble on a bar mat over drinks, it doesn’t matter how it happens, only that it does, and only a naive fool would think otherwise! Only the insiders who are stupid enough to send tips by texts or emails actually get caught, because there’s a paper trail.

But they unknowingly DO leave a hidden paper trail, and that’s what I’ve uncovered!

More about that in a second, first let’s recap…

So these ‘rogue traders’ in The City and Wall Street receive these tips from company insiders who KNOW (yes, I said KNOW!) what will happen to the stock tomorrow, and then they buy a load of that stock the day before, then fall asleep KNOWING full well that they’ll be able to buy a second Bentley for cash, after lunch at The Ritz, tomorrow.

Nice work if you can get it!

BUT now I CAN and DO get it… because I’ve finally accessed the hidden paper trail that tells me PRECISELY what these rogue traders are doing on the day they’re doing it. NO EXAGGERATION, and I’ll give you access to hard VIDEO PROOF in a second.

It’s like knowing the details about a massive bank heist a day before it happens!

Now, I could blow their cover, and report them to the authorities, but where would that get me? Instead, I’ll just help myself to a slice of this dirty money, completely LEGALLY.

Once again, I’m telling you that I can now see the day these rogue traders are making a move. And their actions are paying me handsomely.

Would you like them to pay you too…?

To catch a thief…

Perhaps if I explain more about this you’ll start to appreciate what this means and that, yes, this is all real and will pay you enough money to never work again…

Okay. I’m sure one thing you don’t doubt is that certain (rogue) traders can and do make overnight fortunes from insider knowledge about a certain stock. Agreed?

But what you do perhaps doubt is that you or I could get the same information as these rogue traders at the same time as them, right? My friend, let me tell you, getting hold of such knowledge has been my Grail Quest. Indeed, it’s the Holy Grail of anyone who wants to make money in the stock market or make money at anything!

And that’s because there simply is no faster way to make pots and pots of EASY MONEY.

Over decades, I searched in vain for this knowledge, and it became my obsession. But all I was doing is chasing my tail, like so many people who look for this dream of finding this fountain of limitless money…

But everything changed for me when an anonymous source sent me this academic study on insider trading:

I won’t print the whole report here (as it’s a great cure for insomnia!), but in the event you’re interested I had it posted at this website:

This was significant for me because it was the first time I’d actually seen an academic study on illegal insider trading. Based on what I learned here, my decades long research took me in a whole new direction on both sides of The Atlantic. Some of it was a bit hairy, and there were times when I was verbally and physically intimidated in the bars and back-alleys of Wall Street…

But I finally found what I’d spent all my trading life searching for. And, unlike these rogue traders, I can enjoy the same money that they make, only I won’t go to jail for it. And neither will YOU…

They can be sent to jail if caught taking this money, but you can’t

Please understand: What you and I will be doing is 100% legal. You see, I’ve found a legal loophole…

Here’s the thing. I’m not directly privy to insider information, so I can’t go to jail (and nor can you) for taking this money. Now, if I’ve found a proven way to clearly see what stocks these rogue traders have decided to trade the very day before a big announcement in that stock, that’s not illegal.

But I won’t snitch on them. Here’s why…

Once these rogue traders understood that I wasn’t with the authorities or the media, and they trusted me, they weren’t so hostile. In fact, I quickly became friends with some of them on both sides of The Atlantic. And what would I have to gain by reporting them? Nothing! In fact, I’m much better off keeping my mouth shut, letting all this go on, so I can make the same money they’re making.

Why would I kill The Golden Goose when I can get access to its eggs??

If I now give YOU the same access that I have, will you be able to keep quiet, and just enjoy all these golden eggs? If so, you could board the exact same gravy train that they’re on…

In effect, you’d be taking this money and keeping your mouth shut about how where it came from (and I do mean shut).

These rogue traders surely know that I could go straight to the authorities with my clear evidence in a single brown envelope, and drop them right in it. The City’s compliance officers rely heavily on tip-offs about insider activity…

But who knows how many powerful toes I’d be treading on if I did that?

If I just quietly pocket the money and keep my mouth shut nobody is going to get upset. They don’t care if I help myself to the same pile of money as them because there’s more than enough for them.

So it’s like a payoff.

Now, these rogue traders aren’t directly paying me this dirty money, but they may as well be, their hidden paper trail is now so transparent to me. Once I’ve used my proven method to see them making their move on a stock the day before that stock is about to make a profits report, all I have to do is make a single call or push a single button on my computer to simply make the same trade as them (and you can look over my shoulder).

Then I just sit back and wait. But I don’t have to wait long for my payoff; tomorrow I’ll take the morning off, and then, around two or three o’clock I’ll get another fat payoff…!

I can see the day before they make a big trade…

In a second I’ll explain how a hundred pounds turns into a hundred thousand pounds in just a month of copying these guys, but first let me explain a but more about what this involves, and how me spying on these legal smash ‘n’ grabs for you could mean you never work again

Here’s the deal, in a nutshell:

Have you ever noticed a stock price jump in a single day, usually on the back of some big news? Yes?

And then in that same moment, didn’t you wish you had bought as many shares of that stock as possible? Wish you’d had a crystal ball, right?

That’s precisely how powerful this is!

Sorry for saying it again, but you must understand the significance of being able to see what these rogue traders are up to the day before a big announcement of a certain stock. There are several advantages of this, and reasons why I believe I’ve found The Holy Grail:

  1. I’ve removed as much risk as it’s possible to remove because I’m directly copying rogue insiders right before there’s a significant move in the price of a stock. It just doesn’t get better than that. News moves stock prices, and these people own the cat that was let out of the bag! This has ALWAYS worked whenever I’ve tested it. ALWAYS!
  2. I don’t grow old waiting to get my money! My money isn’t tied up for months, vulnerable to world events, etc. I’m in and out within 24 hours.
  3. There are insiders and there are insiders. Most insiders buying shares are doing so blindly- I’ve seen insiders buy shares of their own company, only to watch that share price fall lower and lower. Company insiders don’t know much more than you and I, and they play the game legally (and badly). The kind of insiders I’m talking about truly are rogues who are breaking the law, but also know full well they won’t get caught if they’re clever and make all communication verbal. These rogue traders have been tipped off the day before a news announcement in a certain stock, and they’re trading in a way that company insiders wouldn’t dream of for fear of getting in trouble (you and I do NOT get in trouble for copying them!).

And just because you’re making the same trades as these big, bad rogue traders doesn’t mean you have to trade as big as them. You can start with just a hundred pounds, in a second I’ll show you how fast that becomes a hundred thousand pounds!

How does a hundred grand sound?

Make that in a month, and then take two months off, and then do it all over again! What will you do with your 8 months ‘paid leave’ each year…?

8 months ‘paid leave’ each year, anyone...?

Most people work themselves to death, and once in a while get a little two-week break to recover from it before they get right back to it.

It’s time for you to get off that merry-go-round.

This is a game changer and a life changer. The options you’ll face now will almost be overwhelming! You could live in three different countries if you wanted, perpetually chasing the summer around the globe. There are places you need to see in your one and irreplaceable lifetime… things to do… experiences to be had! Once we’ve made a mint from a month of copying rogue trading, it will be time to consider what to do with the next two months...

You see, these profit announcements that companies make really only happen in the first month of every quarter of the year, or every season if you like. So that means your calendar now looks like this:

Your New Annual Calendar

 Winter: Take the money in January, take February and March off.

Spring: Take the money in April, take May and June off.

Summer: Take the money in July, take August and September off.

Autumn: Take the money in October, take November and December off.


So that’s how your year will look, and hopefully that will help you plan your new and improved life! So what happens in those four months of the year where you take the money…?

Turn a blind eye for the other 4 months…

For one month every season, this is the part where you just need to copy them and keep your mouth shut. There’s no real work involved, but this is the month where we harvest all the easy, dirty money, so we stay on our game.

In that month, I shadow their trades with a special trick I use that doesn’t involve trading stocks. It only takes 2 phone calls, about 10-15 times in a month.

This isn’t a ‘win some lose some deal, I win EVERY time, and I average 72.8% gains each time I do this! Video proof of this can be seen at this website:

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be waiting by the phone for hours or sleeping on your computer keyboard, and it won’t interfere with your working day (even though you’ll soon fire your boss anyway!). It only takes ten minutes at around 8:30pm on a weekday. And then about two minutes the next day at around 2:30 pm, making a single phone call to get your money. And even in this ‘working’ month you get weekends off!

And you can start with as little as a hundred pounds! But that could quickly build into an enormous sum of money when you’re doing this…

Turn a hundred pounds into a HUNDRED GRAND in ONE MONTH…

Here’s how that hundred pounds becomes over a hundred thousand pounds. Each step is a gain of 72%, which the PROVEN gain I’m actually getting from doing this:

£172, £301, £517, £890, £1,531, £2,634, £4,531, £7793, £13,404, £23,056, £39,657, £68,210, £117,321

And that’s just from doing this 13 times, which is the minimum number I’d expect to do this in the ‘working’ month. Take that £117,321 on holiday for two months, spend £17,321, then when you do this again the next quarter with the hundred grand you have left, the first time you do it should make you £72,000, on average!

If you want this to be your life too, it’s easy, but you must move quickly…

Just look over my shoulder as I look over theirs

Members of my secretive 99 club get to look over my shoulder as I make these trades, as well as me showing them how to milk them for yourself. I’ve still got a few places left before I hit the 99 members limit, but this is probably the last invitation you’ll receive to snatch one up! And please know:


  • I’m accomplished in my field, and have made significant wealth by using my methods live in front of students, not just by teaching people how to do what I do.
  • I put my own money on the line in real time for everyone to see, to demonstrate my methods, and to stand behind them.
  • I know how to teach things so that anyone can follow me. I’m commonly praised for “delivery” of a subject, and for listing 1-2-3 steps that a child could follow.
  • I’m there for my students, by phone or email, whenever they wish. One-on-one.
  • You can hear those previous students talk about me with this video from the event last year. Just go to

And meeting me in person behind closed doors is where it all begins for new members (or by DVD recording if you can’t make it). Every year, we meet in a private and secure location for a powerful seminar with me that also serves as the initiation into this secretive group. Ride on my coattails as I aim to make us a fortune from these rogue traders and take 8 months off a year. I’ve patiently waited DECADES for this massive opportunity, and I intend to clean up from it!

And if you get accepted into The 99 Club, you’ll get all this ON TOP OF ACCESS TO THESE ROGUE TRADES…

Live Seminar…

Join me behind closed doors as I explain how to follow these rogue trades with me as well as how to make tax-free money in down markets as well as up markets. This alone is worth £2,000- many people have gladly paid this fee in past events, and went on to make much more than that from what they learned.

Lifetime Mentorship Program…

lifetimeI  am the mentor to members of The 99 Club forever. If you’re successful in joining, I’m only a call or email away for advice or walk-throughs on anything. Having a successful mentor who has walked the same path you want to walk is widely considered to be the most powerful weapon someone like you can have.

My Mobile Number…

mobile-numberThis alone is one reason why memberships are highly limited. When you call for me, you won’t have to get past a call centre or a secretary; you’ll actually have my mobile number, and it will be my voice you hear when the phone picks up! And by that same token I ask that you don’t treat me as a call centre, but rather as your friend and mentor. And you can ask me anything

The Spy Cam…


How would you like to regularly look over my shoulder to see what I’m doing? I prepare regular videos for members that are a recording of my penny stock bets as well as all other trades (for demonstration purposes), as well as explanations of why I made them. These videos are actual screen recordings of my computer, so it truly is like having a ‘Spy Cam’ looking over my shoulder!


Personalised Trophy…


As you can see, it’s a physical award that recognises your lifetime membership as well as your commitment to entrepreneurship over the years. If you receive this beautiful trophy, it will have your name engraved on it; a personalised prize to put on display at your home, for all your friends and family to see…


It’s sitting in front of me as I write, the size of a melon, and I’m wondering if it’s YOUR name I’ll have engraved on it


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If you become a member, there’s one big box waiting for you… containing every single product that VTA Publications currently has available, worth £2,344.80. Trading systems: SV-60, Pyjama Profits, Wealth Wave. Ten-part courses: Corporate Raider, Corporate Code Breaker, Biblical Wealth Secrets, The Fortune Files, and Retirement Revolution. If there’s anything I missed, let me know, and it’s yours!

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Every single time we bring out a new moneymaking system, we will send it to you, completely free of charge, forevermore. This excludes live seminars, for obvious reasons, but otherwise it doesn’t matter if we release something that costs £3 or £30,000, whatever it is, it’s yours FREE (just pay shipping and handling) Just think about how much the value of this privilege could add up to over time

This year alone I released new products that sell for £600. If I launched new moneymaking systems worth £600 each year after, over only ten years of your life, this privilege alone would be worth £6,000!

The Membership Key Card…
You’d expect membership to an exclusive club to have a membership card, but your membership card conceals a big moneymaking secret that can be called upon at any time it’s needed, wherever you are in the world. Hidden within a 99 Club membership card is a data key that will give you access to my deepest trading secrets, as well as tools and software to use.

You can also leave this in your will. You never know- it could be some great grandson who finds this key and it saves their house from repossession.


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The Establishment’s secret money trail is turning my mum’s £1,000 into a cool MILLION. Would YOU like to come along for the ride? See that racing car on the left? That belongs to a 99 Club member who’s making so much money from this it’s paying for this expensive hobby- and he painted that on the side as a tribute! This isn’t hype, it’s already happening for members!
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Once you’re a member of The 99 Club, you’ll be invited back each year for the annual ‘Summit of The 99’, where I teach you more advanced-level secrets, and we all enjoy a special cocktail party and dinner to share valuable information and put together moneymaking strategies for the year ahead.


ALL of that is yours if you’re accepted into The 99 Club!

Now, I only want to dedicate my time to people who are serious, so places go to the fastest people to step up and put some ‘skin in the game’. But I think you’ll be surprised and relieved to know that one-time dues for lifetime 99 Club membership is just £2497 (plus VAT). With everything in mind, I hope you see that as insanely good value!

Once we start on these rogue trades, you will see that fee as ridiculous, and you might even feel guilty for paying such a small amount for the life you’ll be living! I understand that even putting this relatively small amount of skin in the game may be out of reach for some, but even to those people I say:

And that’s all part of the test of suitability for membership. Even if you don’t have this much money sitting in your bank account or on a credit card, you’ll find some way to make it happen

But why am I offering you this?

If I stand poised to catch all this money that looks likely to come showering down upon me very soon, why am I bothering to invite you on board? The answer to this question is simple:

  1. The more capital I can raise, the more money I can slap down on these rogue trades.
  2. Because it’s what I do. Look around you. Watch TV. Do you see any famous billionaires who do nothing all day?? See Alan Sugar deciding to quit the whole moneymaking thing?? No, they continue to pursue good opportunities when they see them. Well, I’m no different! I’m in the information business, so I enjoy offering information to help people out.

But I have to keep the numbers extremely low so once again I must ask you:

Can you keep your mouth shut…?

Apologies, but I obviously have to put a cap on numbers with something this sensitive, so there can be only 99 members.

As I write, there are 3,983 people in the database that I could nominate to become members, and 43 places were snapped up so far. So only 56 of these people can become members from this invitation.

How do you get one of those places? You have to ACT NOW…

Never work again …

If you wait too long to act it will be too late- you’ll have missed the boat… the boat that rode a tidal wave of cash while most people drowned in debt and poverty. You just have to choose a path. You now have a rare chance to turn everything around… a chance to turn a hundred quid into a hundred grand and take 8 months off a year.

Simply CLICK HERE to complete the reservation form, and let’s make it happen. There has never been a better time than now to join me.

With Sincerity and Godspeed,


Jim Hunt.

P.S. It’s time you knew this ‘Holy Grail’ secret I’ve been waiting years to find. Video proof that this really can be your life is at

Their lives changed, now so will YOURS…

If you’re happy with things as they are, this won’t excite you. Although big changes afoot in the world that you’ll learn about as a member will mean that your ‘comfortable’ tomorrow looks nothing like today, and if nothing else I ensure members are well-prepared for that. But if you want your life to change, then let’s change it, together… as I did for these members…