About Jim Hunt

Armed with a few simple ‘tricks of the trade’, anyone can make a success of investing in the stock market and outwit the professionals. That’s the view of Canterbury-boy, Jim Hunt, who is returning to his roots after becoming disillusioned with the cut throat world of city trading and financial institutions that charge a lot and deliver little.

Jim says: “The banks and financial institutions have to justify their existence so have created an aura around fund management, yet most fail dismally. Investors pay a premium to use the services of so-called professional fund managers, yet over 70% of them don’t even beat the market. I’ve seen enough people ripped off over the years. I’m happy to leave that behind now and share the secrets of success that I learned working in the city. East Kent is where I call home and it means a lot to me to be able to return and give something back.”

Jim shares the simplest investing secret that anyone can learn from: “Documented research going back to 1963 shows that if all you did with your money was buy all stocks in the FTSE-100, you’d beat 70% of the professionals who are just trying to justify their existence. And when you take this further and refine the process more, my proprietary system avoided all crashes and made an average of 36% a year since 1983. And that’s a very simple system that anyone can be taught to use.”

Jim works for a financial research company and commutes regularly between the UK and USA. In recent years he has shared his tricks of the trade with hundreds of people at weekend investment boot camps which he hosts at Heathrow. Attendees come from all walks of life, keen to see their money work for them in this era of low or no interest rates. Going by the long list of testimonials Jim has received they are not disappointed.

Elizabeth from Reading says: “I cannot believe the value that Jim has given us this weekend and can’t wait to try some of the trades. When I arrived on Friday evening I did not expect to have gained so much knowledge. I’m going away buzzing.”

Mike from Leeds says: “I’d like to thank Jim for a really excellent weekend. I’ve tried trading stocks and Forex before and never had any success. Now I think I have all the tools I need and I’m looking forward to having a go and really making some money from it.”

Craig from London adds: “Best money I’ve ever spent – I will make nearly 30 times what I’ve spent in a year.”

“Markets are notoriously cyclical and it’s critical that investors pick the right moment in the cycle to trade,” says Jim. “You only need to look at the property market to see that that there is typically an 8-year cycle of lows and highs. Time it right and you can achieve significant success. There’s a certain herd instinct involved and the reality is that most people do the opposite of what is required because it’s counter-intuitive.

“Using software and other financial management tools, I can teach people how to read the stock market, identify the optimum time to buy and sell and beat the city boys at their own game. Of course there are risks with any investment, but those risks are substantially reduced if you know what you are doing.

“People show up at the boot camps on Friday evening knowing nothing about investment. By Sunday lunchtime they have been given all the tools to outsmart even the most successful fund managers… and many come back year after year, having easily covered the cost with canny investments.”

For further information on forthcoming investment boot camps, please contact Jim Hunt at JimHunt357@gmail.com