Video Testimonials


I bought this system as it appeared to me to be a simple non-Forex system with a good track record. The first two trades I made I lost 247 pips but this was my fault entirely. I re-read the instructions and went through the DVDs again (do that at least twice before trading) and am now making a healthy profit. My next trade made me a healthy 4,949 pips thanks to a gap-up (unusual) and so far all other trades are in good profit. In just five weeks I have made a significant profit and I would therefore thoroughly recommend this system. Follow the rules!

Kind regards,

Matthew French, Somerset.,

I have not seen anything like it… I’ve learned far more in a day sitting at the seminar than I have in the past 15 years.I'm not sure if majority of the people in that room on Saturday truly comprehend the significance of what was revealed at that seminar in terms of potential success it will bring into their lives if used correctly as instructed, given to each of us in attendance on a platter of gold.

Dare Awobiyi,

I've done a couple of courses and what I found really useful was his ethics and the way he puts things across. We listened to how easy and simple the system really was and what was amazing is how easy it really is to implement. One of the things he said was you over complicate it in your head and that's the best bit of advice you can take away from this course is don't over complicate it, just do it

Michael Roberts,