VTA Publications hires defamation lawyers

Reading, England - Aug, 2016 – VTA Publications has hired a prominent law firm in response to malicious misrepresentation, libel, and copyright infringement.

A statement from James Sheridan, an affiliate of VTA Publications:

I’ve sat by for long enough and watched the lies propagate on the Internet about me. I’ve let the offenders have their say, given them enough rope to hang themselves, and now it’s time for balance, truth, and most of all, lawsuits.

Of course, there will ALWAYS be people who complain about things they buy, and it’s only those people who feel the need to publicly blame everyone else for their failure. You can see REAL customers who actually USE my material properly and have enough literacy to actually follow instructions here:

Sadly, we live in an age where any fool can write something on the Internet, and it is taken as gospel. So this requires one to post the facts so people can have perspective, though it sickens me to lower myself to this pathetic level of get-rich-quick crybabies, journalist hacks, and parasitic “review” websites that never create anything themselves… all of those just mentioned know nothing about making money because they’re dirt-poor or have only made money from telling others how to make money (and yet consider themselves a good judge of what makes money or not). However, I do this as a favour for VTA Publications, a publisher that publishes and promotes some of my material in the UK as a licensee.

These are the FACTS, and if anyone reading this has posted something in any way to the contrary, then I already have a file on you and you will be facing legal action to the fullest extent of the law, without compromise or care of the cost. Removal of said material at once may lessen the impact.

In April 2003, I emigrated to the USA.

In October 2003 I became an agent in the USA for a supplement which contained Type 2 Collagen as a treatment for arthritis. The Daily Mail previously ran an article with headline “How a Collagen Pill Beats Arthritis!” You can see the article at this link:

Further, I checked the facts as shown on Wikipedia:

I then put together a license opportunity for any interested party in the UK, through a UK corporation (since defunct) called CMS Publications Ltd (not my company, and officer Marion Field who fulfilled the role as a favour as she ran the UK management centre for CMS: Field Management Services Ltd). I was not selling the supplement; I was selling a license for other people to sell it in the UK. At the time, for privacy purposes, I used a pseudonym of “James Edwards” Pseudonyms, also called ‘pen-names’ or ‘nom-de-plums’ are NOT shady, and are common practice for authors as can be seen at this link on Wikipedia:

Common reasons for use of pseudonyms are privacy, and to distinguish a person’s work between different genres, to avoid confusion.

Based on the Daily Mail article and the facts of a documented clinical trial, I quoted in the sales literature that the supplement cured arthritis. As this was my first endeavour into natural health supplements, I was unaware that you could not make such a claim, even if it was factually true and had clinical trials to back it up. Not an unreasonable thing to be unaware of, I would argue!

Some weeks after the product launch, The Daily Mail ran an article by Tony Hetherington which claimed this was a bogus opportunity. Only then did I realise my wording error.

A few days later, Reading Trading Standards literally stormed Field Management Services (the management company that had CMS as one of many clients) and seized everything. Marion Field, the officer of CMS and Field Management, was accused along with CMS. Because I was a legal US resident, and merely the creator of the promotion, I was not physically dragged into the case which then unfolded over the 2 years that followed. Everyone felt this was overkill.

Customers were offered a refund, but this made no difference to Trading Standards, and the case proceeded, led by Jane Carroll.

But the case was weakened by the fact that Trading Standards were pursuing Marion Field as the perpetrator (insisting that she was actually someone else under a pseudonym!) as well as CMS Publications as a corporate entity. Trading Standards’ efforts were focused on proving that Marion Field and other ancillary parties were to blame, evidently frustrated that I lived in the USA. They were, of course, barking up the wrong tree, but once resources are deployed, government agents rarely back down for fear of looking bad.

When the inevitable conclusion to the case came about, and the judge obviously acquitted Marion Field of all charges because she was innocent, the magistrate said, “It seems the real villain here is James Sheridan.” And understandably so, and this was obviously a turn of phrase by the judge to point blame at me for the error in the marketing wording, not Marion Field. CMS faced a fine, and that was that. Evidently, I would’ve been allowed to say that the supplement relieved “joint pain”, but not “arthritis” as arthritis is a disease. Whatever.

The Daily Mail then ran a series of articles that continued through 2014 (!) that continually portrayed me as some kind of criminal on the run (I imagine because I was a legal resident of the USA months before the promotion!), saying that the judge said I was “a real villain”, and that I had “fled” the UK to avoid prosecution . “The real villain” is obviously a common vernacular for apportioning blame elsewhere, as anyone knows, and NOT a literal accusation of saying someone has committed a crime (my solicitor is obtaining original court records and will be posted when obtained). This was in magistrates court (for minor matters), not crown court.

Based on that, other websites and posts have regurgitated this, and evidently bad press has propagated on the Internet. Again, this was obviously a turn of phrase by the judge to point blame at me for the error in the marketing, not Marion Field, but you can see how it was deliberately taken out of context by the Daily Mail, who, ironically, ran the article about a collagen pill beating arthritis in the first place! Laughable, in hindsight.

I don’t wish to discount my error of not knowing such an outrageous rule that requires people not to tell the truth (i.e. that a supplement is clinically PROVEN to cure arthritis!), but it was innocent and has since been blown out of all proportion. This wasn’t some blatant deception, it was a simple LABELLING ERROR regarding a supplement! But let’s look deeper as to why this happened in such an extreme punishment, and needless to say, The Establishment were behind it…

All this because I had dared to quote clinical studies that showed there was a natural cure for arthritis as an alternative to expensive drugs with side-effects? Why so much fuss…?


The media rely on big business for their advertising revenues, or worse still, the media outlets are owned by the same conglomerates that own drug companies. They will actively try to destroy anyone who conflicts with their interests.

The government relies on tax revenues from big business, and big business lobbyists buy politicians.

No wonder the media pursue me and try to vilify me! I’m anti-Establishment, and it’s a wonder I’m still alive.

Consumers are being denied the truth just to protect big business interests.

If this isn’t a suppression of freedom of speech, our basic right, I don’t know what is.

I was so outraged that I spent two years of my life researching and writing what became a bestselling book in America, Italy, Turkey, and China (The Pandora Prescription- check it out on Amazon).

As The American Library Association verified during National Banned Books Week with regard to this book, there has never in history been a petition signed by tens of thousands of people to ensure a book would not be banned- this was a first. During launch week it was the bestselling book in the WORLD on Amazon. It exposes one of the most blatant natural cure cover ups of all time- a cover up that is a matter of public record. A covert genocide, and The Establishment are behind it (yes, that includes you, The Media).

I have seen enough.

I will not and can not break what laws have been coerced into legislature, but I have choked on these lies and distortions for long enough, and I will be the bearer of truth, however much ‘they’ try to attack me for it or try to buy me off (and that’s happened before).

I don’t blame the good people who enforce the laws; they’re only doing their job and believe what they’re told. The problem is the law itself. The only weapon any people have against tyranny and injustice is truth, and the truth can only prevail if enough people accept it as truth and challenge the spoon-fed drivel slopped out by the mass-media.

Throughout history, laws have been overturned because of grass-roots resistance and because those laws were wrong. Once upon a time it was illegal to drink alcohol. Once upon a time it was illegal for women to vote. Once upon a time it was illegal for black children to go to school with white children.

Are you living in a time when the powers that be have established laws that are plain wrong? How will the future judge you and the choices you make? Personally, I will sleep easy, regardless of all the lies and misinformation out there about me. All the harrassment from The Establishment tells me is that I’m winning.

And if you’re one of the whiners or defamers on all those loser-magnet, so-called ‘review sites’, are you really interested in the truth at all, or do you have an agenda? My agenda is to inform people of the truth, what’s yours? If you’re a get-rich-quick junkie who can’t read instructions and who expects money to fly out of a box without you doing anything, then your agenda is you’re looking to blame someone else for your inadequacy, and you are doomed to failure (nothing will ever “work” for you), but it makes you feel justified in your laziness to say that “everything is a scam”. But you will not bring me down with you because I will prosper regardless, as will my true customers.

Again, this isn’t to discount my wording error due to ignorance of what is an evil law, it’s to provide balance. To anyone reading this who was a person affected by the Col-Eaze license opportunity (the real people who matter here), then, once again, my sincere apologies. Please step forward and receive a voucher for any of my material, including my popular live seminars, for TWICE the value of what you paid for the Col-eaze license.

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