At last: the proof is in for my NEW, patent-pending,
shockingly-simple, ‘Holy Grail’ moneymaking system

21 Trades, 21 Wins.

 With results like that, you could




Let’s not beat around the bush. I expect you currently have two burning questions:

  1.  21 trades and 21 wins- is it really true?
  2.  And if so, why would I share this secret?

Please spend a few minutes with me so I may proudly answer both questions with solid proof, as well as explain everything about this…

My motive for sharing this is as unique as it is genuine- in fact, I have no choice other than to share this secret with you! It’s the sole reason I’m writing.

And the proof is a matter of public record…

There’s no question about whether this ‘works’ or not. The PROOF that it DOES ‘work’ exists on years of public records.

Once I show you this undeniable proof, there will be no doubt or debate, only the power to make a virtually effortless living that can begin the VERY NEXT DAY after you know this simple secret.

I believe this is THE simplest money making system in the world. Black and white, no ifs or buts, no catches, not even an ounce of intelligence required to operate it.

And it only takes ten minutes on any day you wish to use it.

I won’t lie though, this won’t make you an overnight millionaire (what will?), but it can create a virtually instant, reliable, and easy second income stream for you, easily enough to retire on. You’ll see how this is possible in just a moment.

But first please let me rewind and explain how this began. This whole thing started because of YOU

 All this happened because of YOU


You see, several years ago I launched a controversial experiment called, “The Formula X Project.” You may have seen this poster on the Raider Support website…?

The purpose of The Formula X Project was to gather peoples’ feedback on what they wanted from a trading system/financial betting system, you know- what they looked for in ‘The Holy Grail’ of money making systems. People also shared with me all the frustrations of the past that they’d had with other such systems and why they didn’t work.

The Formula X Project was a part of my intense research that began fifteen years ago; a quest to find the ultimate system of consistently siphoning tax-free money from markets… ideally a way that had all the gain without the pain

The quest for ‘The Secret’

I hate losing, and I suspect you feel the same way. So I wanted a system that worked at least 99% of the time. Other veteran traders said I was mad and that it was impossible. But that only made me more determined…

You see, my thinking was that if someone had truly discovered ‘The Holy Grail’ of trading markets, nobody would get to hear about it. That person would keep it a secret and live the rest of his life just by quietly trading markets, happily ever after. Right?

            And that’s precisely what I intended to do if I ever discovered such a secret- I’ll tell you why I’m letting a few people share it with me in a moment (I’m not doing this to be a Samaritan!)

So just because people all over the world have been searching in vain for such a secret, probably for as long as financial markets have existed, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Anyone who discovers secrets like this keeps them a secret or sells them for an insane amount of money. Either way, the population would never hear about it.

So my quest began, despite the naysayers…

For over a decade I searched- analysing, testing, back-testing, reading, interviewing, passing out on my desk at night… and hitting brick wall after brick wall. Any time it seemed I was on to something, the hopeful new system eventually failed one of my tests and had some losers. Don’t get me wrong, I discovered some truly brilliant trading secrets along the way, but none of them were ‘the one’…

            And then I met you, and everything changed forever…

You see, when you became my student I saw a good way of gathering more data for my research, so I set up The Formula X Project; a way you could send me all your feedback about your past experiences with trading systems and why they did or didn’t work. Well, I was flooded with all kinds of feedback about what you wanted most of all, and one word kept cropping up:


You told me that you needed simplicity, and that any system you’d tried usually failed because it was too complicated, too many variables…

My first thought was, “Yeah, yeah, you and the rest of the world wants that. Simple and consistently profitable? Right!” But then I thought, “Could there be something in that? Is the world trying to tell me something?”

            The common assumption is that in order for a plan to work brilliantly, that plan must be brilliantly clever and complex. You showed me that this assumption is WRONG.

I changed my strategy of research. I stepped back from the stacks of books and notes, stopped digging so deeply, and instead looked for the simplest way of winning consistently. And that night, around 3am, it came to me. I ran into my study so fast I almost broke my toe…!


All those years I’d analysed complex formulas, charts, and theories only to see that something ludicrously simple that actually worked was right there under my nose all along. I wanted to kick myself as much as pat myself on the back! It couldn't be that simple. Could it?

Yes it could, and is. And maybe that's why the whole world missed it. It’s human nature to assume that more money means more work, not that more money means less work! “Where’s the blood, sweat, and tears?” people ask themselves.

            But people are wrong.

I tested it, back tested it, and tested it again. Honestly, I struggled to believe it and that it could be so simple, fast, and consistent. But there was no denying the hard proof in front of me. It was right there on public record for everyone to see, they just didn’t know what to look for…

After many years of grinding research and bitter frustration, at long last I had my “Formula X”, the most reliable and simple trading system in the world. I’d referred to it as “Formula X” because I initially didn’t know what this ‘Holy Grail’ formula was or if it even existed, but now I have a name for it…

… SV-60.

Those four characters should be on a spot-lit velvet cushion. SV-60 is not a random name either; it’s an actual formula, albeit a laughably simple formula. In fact, the next part of my quest showed me that this formula is evidently too simple…

“This seems too simple!”

So, you’ve been wondering why I would share this with you. Why would I do that if I had the keys to the kingdom? Why don’t I just sail off into the sunset?! I’m about to tell you why as we pick up the story…

Knowing what I was sitting on, I rushed to a patent lawyer the very next day and filed for intellectual property protection on SV-60. My intention was to use it for myself for a steady income AND most of all, sell it to the highest bidder for a large chunk of money. And those are still my intentions, just so we’re clear.

But the patent lawyer threw an obstacle in my path after I demonstrated my secret in real time before his eyes. He smiled at how well it worked, but said that SV-60 might seem too simple…

To get that really big pay off I wanted from selling the patent, I would need to prove that SV-60 was a bona fide system, a transferable invention that anyone could use, and that the incredible track record wasn’t just the result of my experience and expertise.

Of course, both the patent lawyer and I could see the proof before our eyes, there was no denying it, but to actually get the patent for it, I should get a few total novices to make money with it so I could prove this was an invention that qualified for patent protection, a system that would work for anyone

Maybe you’d like to be one of those novices who are privy to the ultimate trading secret?

This is my motive for sharing my secret with you, and frankly, the sole reason I’m writing this letter to you. I already know this is probably the best trading system in the world, the ultimate trading secret that produces virtually instant and consistent profits. But now I need a small group of total novices to actually use it, so I can prove that this is a robotic kind of system, not just a matter of my personal expertise. That’s the only way I can be sure my patent will sell for a big price. Needless to say, my obvious choice of novice is you.

Yes, I could just use SV-60 and live from the income forever with or without you, but as I said before, this won’t make you an overnight millionaire. What I also want is that big cheque from the highest bidder by selling the patent.

But in order to get that big cheque I ideally need YOU… and the reward for your assistance could be nothing less than your freedom…

A controversial experiment…

This will be a controversial experiment; to take total novices and make them beat the pros through the use of a simple secret that can be taught within a few hours. It’s controversial because average people aren’t supposed to be able to do that, it’s supposed to be something only the ‘professionals’ can do…

So the only requirement to be a part of this is that you’re a total novice. I don’t mind if you’ve traded or have done some spread-bets a little bit before, but the less experience you have the better. I can’t emphasise enough how embarrassingly simple this is! And if you have too much experience it will actually be a disadvantage because this system breaks all the rules, and I don’t want too much past experience with complex stuff to tempt you to complicate something that is extremely simple.

Jim Wear, Lancashire:

I've had a great day here with Jim at the SV-60 seminar. I've seen absolute proof that the SV-60 system works and I'm fully confident that I can go all the way and make some trading profits from now on. Thanks, Jim!

Absolute novices only, please…!

I already know the results of this secretive and controversial experiment are a foregone conclusion- that you’ll succeed. But, even though I pretty much know the results in advance, how can you be sure that this will work for you…?

You can be sure because of three words: PUBLIC RECORD PROOF. Now there’s something you don’t hear very often. I wonder why…


Tricks of the ‘traders’

The reason why, of course, is that results, numbers, statistics, etc. can be manipulated. What I’m showing you though is total transparency that anybody could access if they knew what to look for.

Before I show you the results, I want you to know that what I’m showing you is the real deal. So let me first briefly expose the dirty secrets that some unscrupulous fellows in this business (including the banks!) use to skew results to make things appear better than they really are…

  1. Showing you only the trades that were winners, not the losers.
  2. Using only a time period that was favourable for stocks (banks love this one!)
  3. Using large amounts to trade with, making gains look good, but the actual percentage gain was miniscule.
  4. Citing win rates in such a way that it masks the overall number of trades that were losers.

I could go on, but those are the most common. Please understand that I designed SV-60 for my own personal use originally, and to sell to a third party, so I ensured my research did not commit any of those crimes listed above or I’d have only been short-changing myself…!

Results talk, hype walks…

SV-60 short-listed 21 trades over a 45-day test period. The market was very turbulent during that time with many pundits predicting a crash, so this was no free ride, and that pleased me as it meant this would be a tough test. But SV-60 behaved like a speeding battleship, and that made the results even more incredible. In calmer waters it may have performed even better!

On your TV at home, I will show you the public records that prove these results. It simply cannot be contested.

Richard Marsh, Derbyshire:To sit there and see the proof of what can be achieved, for him to present what was happening and forecasting what was happening 10 days ago and then to actually see it happen was something I've never seen before. And for him to simplify that into laymen's terms so that I could understand exactly how he did it and what he did was just possibly the best day I've spent on any kind of money making course. So my 45-day test worked out to be about 3 trades a week. But you wouldn’t have had to make all those 21 trades if you didn’t want to; you only use this when you feel like it. You see, this changes all the rules that I’ve ever known. This is so reliable. It’s not like some gambling system where you’re playing the odds and have to make all the bets.


So let’s now look at the actual results. For the sake of intellectual property protection and legal and security reasons, I cannot tell you here what stocks these trades applied to, BUT if you’re lucky enough to be in the few who are privy to this secret, this exact information will be the very first thing I show you.

            I cannot emphasise this enough: these results are not cherry-picked or from my personal trading account, they are a MATTER OF FACT.

Each of the numbers below represents ‘points’ gained per trade- each point usually represents one cent of the stock value. When you use spread-betting you place a bet per point (don’t worry, I’ll explain all this to you as well- it’s dead simple). Here are the results:

+171 +150 +110 +46 +1,400 +256 +69 +409 +253 +214 +78
+230 +81 +48 +339 +600 +254 +86 +302 +440 +89  


And here’s what that means in a nutshell:

21 bets, 21 wins. 100% win rate.

Total points gained in 45-day period: 5,624.

Average point gain per bet: 267.

Based on a £1 bet per point, gain of £5,624 over 45 days, or:

£3,749 tax-free per month.


Could you retire on that? Yes? Then, if you had results like that, you could retire in just 45 days.

Seem too good to be true? I thought so too. Maybe those results were a fluke…?

A fluke? Nope…

That’s what I thought, so I went back for three years to see how SV-60 performed over a longer period…

The THREE-YEAR result: 100% success rate.

Michael Swann, London:

I have not been disappointed in how this system works because I have the proof of the SV-60. Thank you very much!

In fact, the gains were much larger than my 45-day test. I felt annoyed I hadn’t discovered SV-60 sooner because it would have spotted some stocks at a low price that are now famous for going to the moon!

I suppose that if it really made you feel more at ease to find some sort of ‘catch’, I guess you could say that it was the average gain per bet of 267 points. Like I said earlier, it’s not a massive amount, but I guess that’s just the price you pay for having a 100% success rate. And if you eventually end up betting ten pounds per point and get a gain of 267 points, you’d make more in a single trade than many people earn in a month!

David Ruby, Cambridgeshire:

I've witnessed the SV-60 program today and seen the proof as demonstrated by Jim. Thank you.


Now, nothing is 100% certain- I have to say that for legal reasons- and 9/11 showed us that. Anything can happen tomorrow, including a meteor strike. But the results over what was a terrible 45-days for the market were ALL winners, as well as my 3 year historical test! And I’ll show you the public record proof so you can see for yourself.


I hope you’re starting to understand what’s got me so excited. But the best parts are the parts you can’t see from these results: the simplicity of getting those gains and the speed at which those trades became winners…

The need for speed (of profits)…

I just mentioned how on my 3-year tests SV-60 spotted some stocks right before they made a meteoric rise in price…

The key two words in that last sentence are “right before”

As you may have learned the hard way, you could wait around forever for a trade to get into profit, and even then you don’t know for sure that it will rise at all. But SV-60 doesn’t even consider stocks that haven’t already begun to rise! Stocks won’t even show the faintest ‘blip’ on the SV-60 radar unless they’re already proving themselves as worthy…

It’s just like having a missile lock on target before you launch it; a profit-seeking missile on a certain trajectory that homes in on its target, and doesn’t let go until money is made.

I hesitate to use the term, “Fire-and-Forget” because you can’t ‘forget’ about your trades! But that’s just what it’s like: it locks on to profit potential as soon as it appears, and then follows it…

Again, you don’t have to make all the bets, but maybe you’re wondering how much money would be needed though if you did opt to make 21 trades over 45 days? To spread bet with this, wouldn’t that require a lot of deposit? Surprisingly, no, because not all those trades would be open at once- very often one is closing as another one opens…

And the other reason why is the speed at which these trades can get into profit- once a bet is in profit it can be set up so that it requires zero deposit. And then on you go to the next trade. You just let the winners ride and ride, it doesn’t require a lot of managing. Most of all though, are you going to get upset even if you did see 21 bets at once all showing a nice profit in your account?

No, I thought not! Especially when you learn how laughably simple it is to use this. Here’s what’s involved. Drum roll, please…

You just press a SINGLE button…

Here’s what using SV-60 consists of:


Can you handle that? Okay, I’ll elaborate, as there’s obviously a little more to it than that, BUT to get SV-60 to do its thing and give you the information you need, once you’ve completed a one-time set up, you literally do push a single button. And from that, you use the information to make your trades, and that requires pushing a few more buttons!

Trades are typically open for anything from a few days to a few weeks, all at a relaxed pace that requires nothing more than a quick progress check once a day. You can do this at a time that suits you, no dashing about having to do a certain thing at a certain time. It’s on your schedule.

Perfect. Do genies and lamps spring to mind…?

Your wish list is granted…

Here were just a few of the items on peoples’ wish list from The Formula X Project, and SV-60 ticks ALL these boxes:

  • Simple, simple. Idiot-proof.
  • It should take no more than ten minutes a day to use.
  • No waiting around for the profits once executed.
  • Small amount of money able to be used to participate.
  • Defined and extremely low amounts of risk.
  • Able to be used with tax-free spread betting (in fact, it’s perfect for spread betting!).
  • Precisely defined and ultra-simple entry and exit points that a 5 year old could follow.
  • No furious day trading or sleeping with a computer under your pillow.


Andrew Hardy, Somerset:

I've been involved in investments in my own way for a number of years. But this system is definitely the easiest and best that I've ever come across.

Your wishes have been granted.


If you like money, your only remaining question should be, “How can I be among the few who get to use this…?”


Watch me on your TV… and retire 45 days later?


Craig Wilson, East Lothian:

Just thought I'd drop a line to say thanks for SV60 seminar, and my first two trades using the system have had great results. KALU buy at 7743 sold at 7950  207pts gain. TSRA buy at 2662 still in at 2911 with 200pts locked in.

In July I shared my SV-60 system in a private hotel room with a small group of people. The location remained a secret until just a week before. Security was tight at this closed-door event, and nobody was allowed in until they’d signed a confidentiality agreement. The feedback was explosive and several attendees have written to me since to tell me how well they’re doing (their kind words are all over this letter).

I also made a recording of this event, and I’ve had 127 sets of DVDs made because I still need a few more people to prove this system is so simple- so I can get my patent- at the request of my lawyer. So if you’re fast enough to get one of these limited quantity DVD recordings, I’ll reveal SV-60 to YOU and teach you how to use it in the comfort of your own home...

Alan Moverley, S. Yorkshire:

Have been doing some pretend trades as you suggested to build up confidence. Last week I placed 3 trades and would have made £958 in a week, and 2 would still be open. Not bad for openers!!

And that same day you watch this recording you will be armed with what I’ve found to be the most foolproof and powerful trading secret on the planet, that you can start using the very same day, and so could then begin your supersonic flight to retirement.

And then the sky would be the limit for you…

Beyond retirement…

If you want to spread bet with more than a quid a point, can you?

Of course! After the first year you may have a substantial bank that allows you to bet with ten quid a point, and if you had those same results as in my tests, you’d make half a million a year, tax-free. Nobody will stop you doing this. So yes, beyond retirement, you can really start to go for it if you like!

Ramesh Patel,

W. Midlands:

The honesty in which Jim has presented was excellent and it has now given me the confidence that I should be able to retire in 45 days.

Now, there will be a license fee for this. The price I should be charging is somewhere north of ten grand at least. But because you’re helping me out I’m going to make it under a thousand for a day of training and the revealing of SV-60. So the cost is just £497 (plus VAT) for the complete set of 10 DVDs!

Please understand: you will only be allowed to use SV-60 under license. You may not tell anyone about it or resell the information! It’s for personal use only, and any breach of this confidentiality will be a direct breach of patent law that forfeits your right to use it. You get a lifetime usage license. You may also leave this license to someone in your will, but one person only.

If £497 represents an unattainable sum of money for you, then my apologies, but I can’t help you. On the other hand, if this amount is comfortably attainable for you with some trading funds to spare, we are in business.

So, over to you…

How will your life look next week? Where will your current path be taking you? That depends entirely on whether you watched me on your TV this week…

This is your crossroads…

It’s an old saying but a very true one: “You can’t do the same thing every day and expect different results.” Our lives are a function of the choices we make, every choice or non-choice is a crossroads that changes things forever…

Every single thing you DON’T do is a road you are denying, a road that could lead to a better life.

Damian Walsh, W. Sussex:

I've seen the proof today. It works. It's been a thoroughly professional presentation.

So am I ‘selling’ this to you? Absolutely! I need to sell my patent, and that means I need YOU to get on board. And your reward for helping me is priceless.

But, I must tell you, I have to severely restrict the number of DVD sets out that are out there in the world. Let me explain…

Only 127 Sets Available…

Big Banks will hopefully try to buy this from me when I get the patent for it. But until then, this game-changing cat getting out of the bag potentially creates a nasty problem for banks, media, and government. I’m not exaggerating…

You see, the banking industry and financial services account for more than 40% of UK tax revenues. 40%!! Britain is flat broke, and it simply cannot allow anything to endanger this tax revenue stream. Simply put, that means that the establishment needs you to buy financial services from the banks, not invest or trade markets yourself.  And don’t forget the media, whose advertising revenues from big corporations like banks are their lifeblood. Between the three of them, it’s just a big, old-school-tie network that needs you to stay ignorant.

And here I show up with a ridiculously simple trading secret anyone could use and therefore has the power to break the financial industry if the whole world used it. If it breaks the financial industry, it breaks Britain.

Needless to say, I’m probably not flavour of the month by writing to you about this. I expect what will happen soon is that a large bank will simply write me a cheque for my patent, purely so they lock this in a vault somewhere and ensure it never gets out (apart from to the people who already knew the secret, of course!), but until then I consider myself a target.

There’s absolutely nothing illegal about SV-60, and you certainly aren’t in ‘their’ sights, but I will ensure that very few people are using this powerful system and that they are legally obliged to keep it a secret! So if you’d like to reserve a set you will need to sign the Statement of Intent, Confidentiality Agreement, and Disclaimer at the end of this invitation.

Fortunately for the old-school-tie network, few people will receive this invitation, and fewer still will even be successful in obtaining a set of DVDs (only a small percentage of people reading this will even get a set due to limited numbers).

Most people won’t believe what I’m saying here… they won’t WANT to believe it.

Even so, to avoid any flack from the government, the media, and the big banks, this is strictly a one-time invitation. It’s about as low profile as it gets. This is your one and only chance, of that you can be certain…

Many people are reading this invitation now but only 127 of them will have this secret in their hands. The only way I can fairly decide who gets one of these ‘tickets to freedom’ is to make it a first come, first served basis. I sincerely hope you’re one of them. Sincere apologies if all places are full by the time your reservation request arrives...

This is ‘the one’…

For too many years now you and I have been on a quest to find ‘the one’. ONE genuine, simple, money-making system that really, truly works, something that will quickly and simply unchain you from the treadmill. Our quest has been tireless, and painful at times, but we never stopped believing and we never gave up, and we now have the reward in front of us. Everything happens for a reason…

Peter Mellon, Kent.

What we've had today on the SV-60 will give me the opportunity to retire in 45 days.

I believe our paths crossed for a reason: so that SV-60 could be born and that you could share it with me. Without you, I’d never have discovered it, and for that I thank you, whether you get a place or not...

But I hope to share the excitement of this amazing discovery with you. Simply complete and return the reservation request as fast as you can. Oh, and start thinking of something else to do with your life other than work and struggle, because in 45 days that could be all gone…


Our quest ends here.


Jim Hunt.

P.S. And some of these 100% perfect results were recorded over a THREE-YEAR period AND during a time when markets were going DOWN! That’s how bulletproof and idiot-proof this is. I greatly need your help to assist my patent application- use this secret for yourself so I can prove that this is a robotic system that anyone can use- an actual idea that can be patented. On the very first DVD I’ll show you how this works and the undeniable proof… and you’ll want to make money the very same day…

Dare Awobiyi, Fife:

I have not seen anything like it… I’ve learned far more in a day sitting at the SV-60 seminar than I have in the past 15 years of exposure to trading. I'm not sure if majority of the people in that room on Saturday truly comprehend the significance of what was revealed at that seminar in terms of potential success it will bring into their lives if used correctly as instructed, given to each of us in attendance on a platter of gold...